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Recycled plastic

APR2 was founded in 2002, its core business is the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) collection and recycling.


Faced with large volumes of plastic monitors, printers, computers, etc.), for a long time there was no solution to process this plastic considered end waste and intended for the burial or incineration.


APR2 was not satisfied with the negative environmental impact of this situation and decided to massively in R&D in order to develop industrial sorting and recycling solutions.

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By offering a concrete solution to a primordial issue for private companies, public authorities and institutions, since its founding, APR2 has been pursuing a double objective: Environmental and Social.

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APR2 Plast

A dedicated unit has been established, APR2 Plast, specialised in the recovery, processing and reuse of industrial plastic waste.

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Our know-how
  • Processing and using plastic waste
  • Purchasing resources considered to be end waste and intended for burial or incineration: non-hazardous industrial waste, rejects, production losses, etc.
  • Providing new recycled plastic materials for industrial production (producer of secondary raw materials)

Our technical means

APR2 Plast has both top-ranking technical equipment and industrial processes to guarantee services of quality for plastic waste recycling:

  • 25,000 m2 of workshops and storage areas
  • Crushing line
  • Centrifuge
  • Separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals unit + filtration unit (dust removal)
  • Separation of polymers by triboelectricity unit
  • Turbo-densification unit
  • Micronization line
  • Granulation line

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Our quality approach

Our laboratory identifies, homogenizes and measures the materials upon receipt. Then, the latters follow a strict traceability process enabling us to carry out industrial and sustainable management of your materials.


Our laboratory is equipped with an injection press to manufacture tensile test specimens. These specimens allow us to mechanically characterize the materials and to draw up precise technical sheets according to the impacts resistance, the elasticity, the fluidity and the density of the material.


All new sources will be measured according to strict specifications.

Certifications and standards

APR2 Plast has the following certifications and quality standards:

  • ISO 9001 Certificate – Quality Service
  • ISO 14001 Certificate – Environment
  • ISO 50001 Certificate – Energy Management
  • Prefectural authorisation for road transport of dangerous and non-dangerous waste
  • Prefectural authorization for the brokering and trading of waste


APR2 Plast is also recognised as a Disability-Friendly Company and includes, in its entrepreneurial approach, a solidarity action which aim is to pay particular attention to disabled people and to adapt processes and tools. Thus, we are authorised to attribute beneficiary (handicap-equivalent) units which allow our clients to reduce their contribution paid to collection organisations AGEFIPH and FIP HFP) as part of the obligation of employing handicapped people.